Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - "Shower, tuxes and shoes!"

Once again this week has been pretty busy with wedding madness! We went to Men's Warehouse and picked out the tuxes. Once we left though we started debating on the shirt color. We chose ivory while we were there because my dress is "ivory" but the ivory color of their shirts and Andrew's vest seems a whole lot darker than my dress actually is. I think we would prefer white so we might have to call and make that change.

We ordered all nine pairs of shoes for the guys in the wedding which are Converse hightops. While trying to find somewhere that had the sizes we needed I stumbled upon a pair of zebra print sparkly converse! So now I'm debating about whether I should buy a pair of those for myself so that I kind of match the boys or if I should stick with my original plan of wearing my leopard pony fur Kenneth Cole flats!?! Decisions, decisions....

We helped my mom address all of the shower invites and I can't believe it's only a few weeks away!

Next week we have got to get the invitations in the mail!! We should also make our final decision on tux shirt color and let Men's Warehouse know so that the guys can all go get fitted. I also really need to find somewhere to buy tableclothes! If anyone knows anywhere good and affordable let me know PLEASE!! I also need to start working on the centerpieces!

Wow only 66 days to do!

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  1. Great pictures. Good luck with everything. Remember one day one thing @ a time-orisa