Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall decor

I did a couple of different things this year with our pumpkins and gourds and I'm excited with how they both turned out!

First with the pumpkins I tried something that I read in a magazine last year. It was super easy and not messy like it usually is when carving pumpkins! Using an apple corer u just puncture holes in two different color pumpkins and then put the little circle that u cut out of one color into the other!

We go to the same place every year to get pumpkins and Marisa had some of these made up and i thought they were so cute that i had to try it! It was a little bit harder and more time consuming than the pumpkin idea but i think it turned out great! You take daisy gourds and put them on a stick (i used bamboo skewers) and wrap the stick with floral tape. Then put some styrofoam in a pot and arrange the sticks in the pot. Then i used spanish moss to cover the styrofoam!