Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toys, toys and more toys!

When we first moved into our house we kept the toys picked up all the time and they all had a place to go. The only toys you would see when they were all picked up was the bigger items like Dillon's push and go Tonka Truck and their big Fisher Price play house thing. Two birthday parties and one Christmas later and we have run out of room for toys! Ever since their birthday party in February it seems the toys have taken over! A few months ago I attempted to go through their toys to start getting rid of the ones they no longer play with and Ty was NOT happy about it! He threw a fit when I started throwing old McDonald's toys into a box! So I gave up.......

Yesterday I told the boys we were going to clean their room and that I wanted them to help me organize their toys. Then I told them that we needed to get rid of some of the ones that they didn't play with anymore to make room for the new toys that they might get for Christmas. Ty asked me what we were going to do with the ones that we were getting rid of and I told him that we would donate them to a place for other little girls and boys that maybe didn't have as many toys as they did. That was all he needed to hear because he then proceeded to fill an entire garbage bag full of old toys, mostly baby toys and random toys from McDonald's to give to other kids! And when Dillon tried taking one of the toys out of the bag Ty stopped him and very sweetly said, "No Dillon, those are toys for the other boys and girls". It was a very proud moment for me ;)

Now their room is clean and the toys are organized! Now i'm dreading Christmas and then their birthdays which are in February because we will probably have to do this all over again next fall!

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